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on Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:56 am

I was wondering if we could Add a control option for glow max / min i want a plus 10 set but less glow essentially.
I find it too much sometimes.

Was also wondering  if you guys plan on adding A NPC for B>A card conversions.
4%>7% ect.  aswell as re-introducing the rebirths  system since this is a high rate  server also implementing it is nice so i dont just have to work on PVP / set upgrades. .

Then we would have use for Lord Events EXP and not just drop.

also the wind skill that slows is bugged and when a legendary spawn casts it on your character you get bugged with like 2% run speed and your game crashes a lot.

On top of all that maybe an Event Trade scroll allows you to trade and event reward while scroll is active be like a 1 time use item 5RPs per scroll.

Thanks for listening / viewing see you in game



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