In-game features of Fly For Dope

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In-game features of Fly For Dope

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on Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:33 am

Hello fellow Flyffers!

Are you new here in Fly For Dope? Are you still confuse about how are the new features work?

Here, I'll be showing you some in-game features and why it is fun to play Fly For Dope.


Are you tired of the your looks all over again? Do you like your character being naked? Or maybe you are some freak

fashionista? Fly For Dope introduces you Model Change also known as Item Transmutation System.

So how does it work?

Model Change or Item Transmutation changes your weapon/armor's physical appearance. It can change any piece of

equipment with any other same type of an equipment. Just go to Start > Systems > Model Changer.

It is also possible to revert the appearance, buy using Model Remove Scroll (5,000,000).

You can buy it on [Jewel Manager] Peach at Flarine (Flaris Town).

I will be keep updating this thread as much as I can when I find more stuffs and awesome things inside the game.

Happy Playing! Have fun!

~ madBlaze ~

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